About BA Carpentry

BA Carpentry team of Carpenters collaborating on a project around a table at their workshop in Leeds
Meet The Team

BA Carpentry's Mission Statement

At B A Carpentry, we are dedicated to crafting bespoke, hand-fitted furniture that seamlessly integrates into the unique spaces of our customers' homes. From alcove units to fitted wardrobes and bedroom furniture, our mission is to transform your vision into reality with precision, creativity, and care.

Established in 2016 we cut every piece of our locally sourced timber and craft into beautiful and functional works of art at our workshop. Our team of Leeds and Harrogate based Carpenters is committed to delivering exceptional quality and personalised service, ensuring every piece we create enhances the beauty and functionality of your home

Ben Lead Carpenter and owner of Ba Carpentry Using saw bench to cut timber at Carpentry workshop in Leeds


Ben, the founder of B A Carpentry, embarked on his carpentry journey in 2009 through an apprenticeship, honing his skills and passion for woodworking. By 2012, he was a qualified carpenter, leveraging his expertise and dedication to craft to establish his own business in 2016.

Ben's commitment to quality and bespoke design has been the cornerstone of B A Carpentry, reflecting his personal journey from apprentice to master craftsman



Brad started with BA Carpentry as an apprentice in 2019, showcasing a strong dedication to mastering the craft of carpentry. He successfully qualified as a Carpenter in 2021, bringing fresh skills and a new perspective to the team. Brad's recent qualification and enthusiasm for bespoke carpentry contribute significantly to our mission of delivering high-quality, personalised woodwork.

Carpenter at BA Carpentry sanding wood in their workshop in Leeds
Oli the Wood working apprentice at BA Carpentry


Introducing Oli, our newest apprentice at B A Carpentry, who joined us in September 2023. Currently, he's making strides in his Level 2 apprenticeship in standard furniture manufacturing, showcasing remarkable talent and dedication. Oli's commitment impressed us right from his trial period, signaling a bright future ahead in woodworking. When he's not mastering the craft, Oli plays football for Calverley United, proving his teamwork and dedication extend beyond the workshop. We're excited to see Oli grow with us!